Case Studies

Case Studies

Progress Partners has extensive experience across a range of industries completing customer, business, channel and product development initiatives and we have provided a range of case studies to illustrate our work.

Customer Strategy Development

Strategic Insights, Market & Customer Segmentation expertise and Customer Value Management (CVM) Strategy Development.

  • Progress Partners Proprietary CVM Approach is outlined in attached PDF;

pdfProgress Partners - Proprietary CVM Framework

  • Progress Partners CVM Case Study example is attached;

pdfProgress Partners - CVM Case Study 

Business Model Design

Multi-Sector expertise in Business Model Design & Development maximising business, financial and customer outcomes.

  • Progress Partners developed a Business Model design taking into account multi-level industry players for an Asian Mortgage Origination business find out more about it;

pdfProgress Partners - Asian Mortgage Business Model

Proposition Development & Product Distribution

Proven capability in designing, developing and implementing new product, channel and service value propositions into multiple segments and markets;

  • Progress Partners is the East Coast partner working with Aussie Legends a Perth based business to establish a unique fire extinguisher product range into Australia;

pdfProgress Partners - Fire Stryker Proposition

Marketing & Communications Strategy

Brand Development, Positioning and Marketing expertise to maximise impact and effectiveness. Extensive Strategic Marketing, Branding Communications expertise gained in multiple industries, markets and categories;

  • Progress Partners has developed a number of new brand, product and channel marketing strategies and partner engagement plans such as the launch of a Home Finance business;

pdfHome Finance - Partner Pitch Pack

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