Action Shield - Polyurethane Spraying Systems

aussie-shield-pool_bottom.jpgAction Shield is propriety, high performance Polyurethane formulation for commercial, industrial and retail applications. Aussie Action Polyurethane formulations are 100% solids and environmentally friendly.

Polyurethane is essentially one of the most durable products ever invented. When mixed and sprayed, the two components of Polyurethane (Iso and Resin) react chemically to form an elastomer, which vigorously adheres to most surfaces. The end result is a pliable and seamless protective lining which is impervious to water, is extremely resistant to abrasion, cutting and gouging.

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Pyrogen - Aerosol Fire Suppression System

EXAproducts1Pyrogen fire systems are simple, robust, cost effective, highly reliable and extremely efficient systems that have been successfully protecting various industries from fires for the past 20 years. Pyrogen guarantees high quality, excellent performance and competitive prices for all its products.

Pyrogen fire suppression systems are specifically designed for protection of electrical enclosures, engine compartments and other areas in various industries, the most popular being power and electrical, transport, mining and marine industries.

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Fire Stryker - New Generation Flame Inhibitor

fire stryker professional thFire Stryker Fire Extinguisher is a manual, portable aerosol fire extinguisher with a remarkable extinguishing capability. Fire Stryker Fire Extinguisher is environmentally friendly, unlike the traditional CO2 fire extinguishers. In comparison with other fire extinguishers on the market, Fire Stryker Fire Extinguisher requires no servicing, no refilling. Fire Stryker Fire Extinguisher requires no checks or maintenance. Fire Stryker Fire Extinguisher poses no danger from pressurized containers, which can explode or malfunction. The Fire Stryker Fire Extinguisher device is a small, compact, lightweight cylinder: the upper part of the device is a metal tube containing the extinguishing charge. The lower part of the device is composed of plastic and serves as a support handle. Store the Fire Stryker Fire Extinguisher in an easily accessible place.  Point the nozzle at the base of the flames to smother the fire at its core.

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Air2H2O - Atmospheric Water Generators

model hr 77L thOrganic Water from Air!

Air2H2O water machines produce unlimited, high quality, potable drinking water from the humidity in the air. Air2H2O drinking water machines utilize a cutting-edge, proprietary technology to harvest pure drinking water from the moisture in the air. Air2H2O water is a sustainable water resource and is the first completely GREEN Water Solution in Australia. The Air2H2O water machines do not use Australia’s water resources. Our water is pure, our water is sustainable. As scary as it may sound, our municipal water resources are not as safe as we think. In every city, around the world, varying levels of harmful chemicals and toxic elements are found in our “tap” water, including everything from arsenic, to prescription drugs and even human hormones.

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