Pyrogen - Aerosol Fire Suppression System

EXAproducts1Pyrogen fire systems are simple, robust, cost effective, highly reliable and extremely efficient systems that have been successfully protecting various industries from fires for the past 20 years. Pyrogen guarantees high quality, excellent performance and competitive prices for all its products.

Pyrogen fire suppression systems are specifically designed for protection of electrical enclosures, engine compartments and other areas in various industries, the most popular being power and electrical, transport, mining and marine industries.

  • Pyrogen EXA/EXA-M Aerosol Extinguishing Modules – protection of ENCLOSED areas and engine compartments (electrical cabinets, substations, various electrical and technical enclosures, marine engine compartments, buses, and other enclosures);
  • Pyrogen IPEX Impulse Extinguishing Modules – protection of SEMI-OPEN/OPEN engine compartments and areas (rail, military vehicles, mining loaders and dozers, buses, trucks, Toyota Land cruisers, other transport vehicles)

Both Pyrogen products offer the following main advantages over conventional fire suppression systems:

  • Rapid system discharge – instantaneous extinguishment, low agent consumption, minimum damage to the enclosure, vehicle or/and equipment;
  • Reliability in aggressive environments – wide operation temperature range from – 50°C to up to 95°C, resistance to vibration (no caking) & high humidity, resistance to corrosive and salty atmospheres;
  • Approved for mobile equipment;
  • Easy installation – no pressure cylinders, no liquids or gases, easy replacement;
  • No maintenance for the actual extinguishing modules (only electrical monitoring for a complete system where installed);
  • Can be installed inside the engine compartment or other protected area with no piping required;
  • Choice of operation modes – can be operated automatically or manually, electrically or thermally;
  • Can be fully autonomous stand-alone systems when coupled with our T-start detection and activation device – no power source or battery required.


The most popular applications are:

  1. Pyrogen in marine – protection of engine compartments of small to medium vessels such as fishing boats, ferries, yachts, etc.;
  2. Pyrogen in substations, data rooms and other medium sized electrical and industrial enclosures;
  3. Pyrogen in electrical cabinets, switchboards and other small to medium electrical enclosures;
  4. Pyrogen in CNC grinding machines;
  5. Pyrogen in transport, rail, military and mining vehicles;
  6. Pyrogen in Mining (vehicles, tunnels, unloaders, outside oil transformer, air compressors, mobile equipment);
  7. Pyrogen in Buses.

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